Web Design

Website Packages for Every Business

Your website is just as unique as your business. Think of it as a digital business card or brochure, where you provide as much information as possible to your customer.

Perhaps your website is just meant to be informational - then the Small Business Basic Package is for you! Do you have a small store? Let's try Small Business Standard. If you have a lot of information, disclosures (like a Privacy Policy), need to collect data from your customers, and maybe have an online store, Small Business Premium is your package!

All website packages are customizable to suit the needs of your business. Below, you will find what you can expect with each package.


Small Business Basic

This is a basic, informational website about your business, usually between 3-5 pages. It should include information about your business and a way to contact you.

Small Business Standard

This is a larger website, ideal if you have a small shop and accept payments online; if you don't accept payments online already, it is very easy to set up. If you book services in store, you can also set up to book them online. These websites can be about 5-8 pages.

Small Business Premium

All the perks of the Small Business Standard, but a better value if you need more extensions added to suit your business, if you have a larger store, or if you have more information that needs to be shared with your customer base. These are generally 8+ pages.

Every package includes one year of hosting, a website theme that works best for your business, up to 3 content and cosmetic revisions before launch, hooking up to Google Analytics, a Google My Business page, and basic SEO to help you get found by those looking for you!