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Waukesha, Wisconsin

a little about me

I'm going to learn about you as we work together, so it's only fair that you know some things about me going into this.

My name is Kaylan. I have a Bachelor's degree in advertising, as well as technical certificates in social media marketing, marketing media, and web design. I want to create whatever you need for your personal events or your business; posters, brochures, business cards, menus, invitations - you name it! I love working with traditional media, but I'm not limited to just that. I can work with you on a social media plan, SEO for your website, editing of your website, add pages to your site... the possibilities are endless! 

Aside from marketing, advertising, and design, a few other things I enjoy are coffee, dogs, tacos, and spending time outdoors, the latter from which I draw much of my inspiration.

Let's grab a coffee and talk about what you're looking for. It's on me! Shoot me an email at designs.by.kaylan@gmail.com!